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Agency Group’s Surveillance Team Offers Technical Surveillance and Investigations

Agency Group's surveillance team provides professional surveillance investigations and technical surveillance.

Manned Surveillance Investigations and Unmanned Technical Surveillance Platforms

When you want the gold standard in surveillance services, Agency Group's surveillance team is the solution in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. Agency Group has rewritten the tactics, techniques and procedures for private sector surveillance.

Gone are the days of sitting in the back of a dark tinted covert surveillance van or utility truck, which often compromises the surveillance case before it begins. Instead, Agency Group’s surveillance professionals integrate technical surveillance platforms (covert video surveillance) with surveillance teams, eliminating the need for traditional surveillance vehicles. This ensures that our insurance and corporate clientele receives the ultimate in covert, results-oriented surveillance.

All our surveillance group specialists have been trained by surveillance SMEs and have mastered the keys to staying invisible to the target. Our expertise and capability are unmatched, and our private investigator rates are competitive.

Successful Covert Surveillance Methods by Our Surveillance Team

Since 2010, Agency Group’s methodology has resulted in high quality, court admissible target video in more than 92% of cases with an average of 30+ minutes of target video per case.

Agency Group’s procedures and advanced surveillance technologies are becoming an industry standard. Investigative firms across the U.S., including the largest nationwide PI vendors, have incorporated Agency Group’s technical surveillance technology (covert surveillance cameras) in their own surveillance processes.

When Can Technical Surveillance Help?

Agency Group provides a complete package of professional technical surveillance and private investigations services. Our surveillance expertise is sought after for a variety of circumstances, including workers’ compensation, narcotics investigations, infidelity, child custody, and corporate security-related matters.

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PA License #2010 MD 219

OH License #20192100301939

WV License # 72904

Is Your Company Interested in Purchasing Technical Surveillance Platforms?

Agency Group offers its Technical Surveillance Platforms for sale to law enforcement and licensed private investigators. Adding them to your organization’s toolkit will exponentially increase the likelihood you’ll obtain quality video on every case. Covert surveillance capabilities are synonymous with Agency Group’s name.

Agency Group is the pioneer in building and selling customized, high-quality, covert unmanned surveillance platforms to the investigative community. Today, we remain the go-to source for investigative and law enforcement entities seeking to incorporate effective surveillance technology into their operations.

With Agency Group’s technology, targets are documented covertly and in high-definition via one of many numerous concealments outfitted with either fixed lens or PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras. Investigators are able to monitor the video remotely in real-time, keeping themselves and their vehicles out of the target’s sight. Investigators could obtain exponentially more video with the use of covert platforms than by using traditional surveillance methods.

Whether you choose one of our many standard options or want to discuss a custom design, Agency Group’s units will allow users to obtain the crucial high-definition video they need for their case. Contact Agency Group directly for additional information on these technologies.


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