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Agency Group - Trusted Security Guard Agency

Our security guard agency provides exceptional security guard services. Hire a highly-trained certified unarmed or armed security guard.

Our Unarmed and Armed Security Guards Meet the Highest Expectations

Agency Group’s security guards are more than just a person in uniform. All too often, guards are found to be undertrained and incapable of dealing with basic security situations.

At our security guard agency, armed and unarmed security guards are highly trained and certified in many areas to keep businesses, assets, and employees safe. It is our strong belief that in today’s environment, unarmed and armed security guards must be capable of reacting to and managing any situation.

Certification and Advanced Training

Agency Group’s security guards should be viewed as the new normal for security and protection. Offering both armed and unarmed capabilities, Agency Group’s guards maintain a regimen of training that goes far beyond the standard.

Our security guard agency’s guards are CPR/AED/First Aid certified and receive extensive training in disciplines including Use of Force, Unarmed Combatives, Close Quarter Battle Tactics, Stop the Bleed, Surveillance Detection, and Active Shooter Response. In addition, Agency Group guards are required to meet physical fitness and weapons qualifications.

Security Guard Services

Agency Group’s security guard services include:

Our unarmed and armed guard security company offers a full suite of security guard services to Pittsburgh as well as all areas of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia.

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Agency Group is licensed in the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia.

PA License #2010 MD 219

OH License #20192100301939

WV License # 72904


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